Castle Solitaire

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8.00 2433

Originally, Stronghold has 1 cell, Private Lane has 2. This version comes with 4 levels, and in the first you start with 4 cells. You loose one cell for each level you manage. In tableau, you build down in value, regardless of suit.

Castles in Spain II

8.00 2696

This version comes with Highscorelist and time pressure, and more suitable for Mobile users.

Castle of Indolence

8.00 2128

A modern version of an old classic from the 19th century. You build without colors, only value.


9.00 2336

in this Castle solitair you play with a reserve cell with room for 4 cards. In tableau you build regardless of suit.


9.33 3062

You start this solitaire with all cards from 2 decks already in the tableau.


6.50 3382

An old classic, first played 1890. Build down in value in the tableau, regardless of suit. All cards start in the tableau.

Castles in Spain

8.00 4606

This is a version of Baker's Dozen and all cards are in the tableau from the start. Not to hard to make.

Good Measure

8.00 3365

A bit different rules than the original, but it will help you to make it. Good Measure is a version of Baker's Dozen


8.00 3180

Fortress solitaire with quite different rules than the original. Still a good solitaire!