Spider Solitaire

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Spider Classic

7.67 3568

As previous versions we have here, but even better adapted for mobile users. Build 4 sequence down from King to Ace in the tableau. Play with 1,2 or 4 colors


9.33 3037

A challenging solitaire, with several sets of rules. 4 foundation piles is build up from Ace to King by color (black and red), and 4 piles down from King to Ace in whole sequences in alternating color. What to build first?

Lady Cadogan

8.00 2473

This solitaire is named after one of the first author of solitaire litteratur, Lady Adelaide Cadogan. First 4 foundations can be built card by card, the last 4 with full sequence only.


9.50 2363

A sequence in suit is your goal, but while you play you can build regardless of suit. However, you can only move on sequences in colors (red suit or black suit).

Black Widow

9.00 2507

This is a variation of Spider solitaire, where you can move on sequences regardless of suit.

Jumping Spider

8.00 2650

Same Rules as in Black Widow, but one column less

Huge Spider

9.71 3950

Spider solitaire with 4 decks of cards. Build down in value regardless of suit, but you can only take away a whole sequence from King down to Ace if it is in same suit. You have 1 hr to make it.

Big Spider

9.33 2961

The Spider solitaire with 3 decks of cards! A solitaire that exceed your lunch-break!

Fred's Spider

8.25 2023

A version of the Spider. You can move cards to the foundation in stead of whole sequences, and build by any suit in the tableau.