Poker Solitaire

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Card Pairs

9.00 1390

Move the next card up or down in the tableau to make point giving combinations. You get points when to cards from same suit is together.

Poker Square

8.87 2528

Make as many and good poker combination in this 5 by 5 square tableau

Poker Patience

8.75 1916

Make the best poker combinations you possibly can, both horizontal and vertical counts. You can choose from 2 cards, what cards you want to place.

Poker Wheel

8.40 1701

Build the best poker hands possible. You have to build column by column, and that makes challenging, as poker should be!

Poker Solitaire

8.00 1603

Build the best poker hands with 25 cards.

Poker Challenge

8.00 1636

This is a mix of Poker and Blocks. Challenging bit is that the cards move upwards, and you must not reach to the top. Get cards away by building poker-combinations.

Spin Cards

8.00 1488

Make Poker combinations from four cards in a square /box. That can be 4 in same suit, 4 equal, or a combination the dealer wants you to make. If you do as the dealer wants, you get the Bonus.

Card Combo`s

8.00 1492

Make combinations of three equal or three in a row before time runs out!

Card Shuffle

8.00 2346

Make as many poker hands you can in two minutes. A mix of Match 3, Bubble og poker game!