Poker Solitaire

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Poker Solitaire

8.00 1655

Build the best poker hands with 25 cards.

Poker Square

9.00 2623

Make as many and good poker combination in this 5 by 5 square tableau

Poker Wheel

8.40 1745

Build the best poker hands possible. You have to build column by column, and that makes challenging, as poker should be!

Puzzle Poker

5.62 1774

Poker solitaire played almost as Tetris. How many points do you get ?

Solitaire Poker Shuffle

5.73 1825

This version of poker solitaire gives you the opportunity to move already placed cards, which makes it easier to create even better poker hands!

Spin Cards

8.00 1529

Make Poker combinations from four cards in a square /box. That can be 4 in same suit, 4 equal, or a combination the dealer wants you to make. If you do as the dealer wants, you get the Bonus.