Pyramid Solitaire

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9.00 1237

With 3 wastepiles, this version of a pyramid solitaire increases your chance of success. Even better, you also get a freecell!

Maya Pyramid

8.00 925

Put together and remove 2 or more cards that adds up to 11. The points you earn is used to build a pyramid. Finish the pyramid!

Egypt Solitaire

9.11 1679

Take away 2 equal cards from the tableau until it is empty. 100 different levels and layouts.

Neptun Solitaire

8.00 2552

Same rules as the Solitaire Cheops Pyramid, but without the pyramid. Take away to cards in sequence.


9.00 2823

In this Pyramid you dont build to thirteen, but can take away to cards with same value, or two cards next to each other in value. You get your own game statistic.

Egypt Pyramid Solitaire

9.00 2709

Pyramid Solitaire with 40 levels and 3 Jokers!


9.00 2907

Double pyramid with 3 waste piles. Add together two cards to 13, and take them away.


8.31 12045

Pyramid is one of the solitaire with most variations. This is the original setup!

Solitaire Matcher

9.00 1963

In this pyramid solitaire you remove two cards with same value. You also get 3 waste piles.