Card Shuffle

Make as many poker hands you can in two minutes. A mix of Match 3, Bubble og poker game!

When you have finished playing, please give your vote to the game. 10 is the best score.

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To make as many and as good poker hands you can in 2 minutes.


This solitaire is a mix of match 3, bubble game and poker.
In the tableau, choose one card. This is the first card in the 5-hand combination you will build.
The next card must be right next to the other card, left or right, up or down from it.
All 5 cards must be connected this way, but you can choose to build on just one or two of the cards, as long as all cards is connected.
When you have chosen 5 cards, you get the points this combination gives, and the combo will dissapear.
As with Match 3, the cards around will adjust itself, either drop down in place, or move to the left/right, so all cards in the tableau is connected.

About this version:

  • Can be played on PC, Tablet and Mobile
  • You score points
  • Highscorelist