Puzzle Poker

Poker solitaire played almost as Tetris. How many points do you get ?

When you have finished playing, please give your vote to the game. 10 is the best score.

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To build pokercombinations with all 52 cards and get as many points you can.


This is a solitaire played as Tetris. Build combinations with at least three cards horizontal or vertical.
When you have a combination, those cards will dissapear, and cards above it will drop down. The round ends when you have used all 52 cards.
The more card left in the tableau after the round is over, the more points you loose.
Use left/right arrows to determine where you want the card. Arrow down, sets it into place.
You have all the time four cards to choose from. Change which one of them you wanna place with Z or X on the keyboard.

Legal combinations:

  • Straight (At least 3 cards in a row, regardless of color). It can not be 7,9,8 it has to be 7,8,9.
    . 3 cards=100 points, 4 cards=500 points, 5 cards=1000 points
  • Flush (At least 3 cards in the same suit on a row.), regardless of value. 3 cards=10 points, 4 cards=100 points, 5 cards=300 points
  • Straight Flush (At least 3 cards in suit and in row). 3 cards=500 points, 4 cards=2000 points, 5 cards=6000 points
  • 3 equal. You get 300 points
  • 4 equal. You get 1000 points

About this version:

  • Can be played on a computer
  • You score points
  • Several rounds
  • Highscorelist