Poker Drop

Build good poker hands so you make the challenge. The deck contains Jokers. If you make the challenge, you get more cards, and a new goal to reach.

When you have finished playing, please give your vote to the game. 10 is the best score.

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Build as good poker combinations as you can on a gameboard 5*5 in size. Make the challenge before you run out of cards.


When you start, the gameboard is filled with 25 cards. Make a good 5-card hand with 5 of them.
The cards you choose must be connected to each other, Horizontal and/or Vertical. You choose when you want to use the jokers. Choose wisely.
When you have built a 5-card hand, you get a score for those cards, and they are removed. The cards above the empty spaces drop down, and 5 new cards will be put on the game board (on the top).
You will se to the right of the game board what the new 5 cards is.
Down to the left it says how many cards you have left to play with. You dont get new cards until you make the Challenge.
Up to the right you will see how many points you need to score to make the challenge.
When you make it, you get a new challenge, and more cards added to the deck.

About this version

  • You score points