Little Spider

Even if the name sound like a spider solitaire, it is nothing like it. Read the rules carefully, they changes half way through the game.

When you have finished playing, please give your vote to the game. 10 is the best score.

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The foundation piles is the middle row in the tableau.
The two foundation piles to the left should be built from Ace to King. The to piles to the right should be built down from King to Ace. You build by suit.


You can build with the available cards from the piles above the foundation to any of the foundation piles.
From the piles below the foundation, you can in the beginning only build in the foundation right above the pile.
At the beginning, there is no building in the tableau piles. When there is no more cards goint to the foundation, you must click on the deck, and a new card goes on top of each tableau pile.
When there is no more cards in the deck, the rules changes. The rule is now the same for the bottom piles as in the above piles.
You may also build in the tableau, both down and up in value, regardless of color. You can only move the upper card.
An empty pile can not be rebuilt.

About this version:

  • Cross Browser Game
  • Highscore list
  • You score points
  • No time pressure