Crossover 21

Build combination of cards until you reach 21 when you add them vertical or horizontal. This is a solitaire you can use alot of time on!

When you have finished playing, please give your vote to the game. 10 is the best score.

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Build combinations of two or more cards where the sum of the cards horizontal or vertical on the gameboard should be 21. The game continues as long as you can place more cards on the gameboard


The gameboard is 6*6, so you can room for 36 cards. You get 3 card combinations you should place on the gameboard. When that is done, you get 3 more and so on.

The card combinations you should put on the board can be turned before you place them, så they fits just as you want.

The Cards from 2-10 is worth the number on the card, while Jacks, Queens and Kings is worth 10. The Ace could be either 1 or 11.

There will be 3 scenarios when you place cards on the table:

1: The sum in neither rows or columns is over 21. Then the card you just placed will be staying at the table.
2: The sum in a row and or column is precisely 21. Then all cards in the 21-rows/columns will be taken away.
3: The sum in one or more row/column is more than 21. Well, then youre busted, and the cards in those rows/columns will be taken away - and replaced with a big X. This sign means that this spot can not be used.

The X-es kan dissappear when you make a 21-combination in the same row/column where the X is.

You have also 3 special items to help you:
* Hammer. Drag this over one of the cards, and that card will dissapear.
* Joker. When you put this down in the table, you will score 21 both horizontal and vertical of the joker (it there already is other cards there). All cards in the 21-combination will be removed. The Jokers are valuable, so use them visely.
* A bomb-X. Drag this over one of the X-es in the tableau, and that X will dissapear.

You will see how many of each item you have, by the number given on the item.

Remember the Aces, that could be both 1 and 11? What it will be will be decided the moment you put it on the tableau. Its default value is 11, but if it make one of the rows/columns to exceed 21, it changes to 1. When on the table, it stays the value it first was given.

The longer you keep the game going, the higher the difficulty gets (see up left of the board).

The game ends when there is a card combination you dont get placed on the game board.

About this version:

  • HTML5 game
  • Fight againts your own top score
  • No time pressure