It is the foundation above the next foundation that decides what cards you can move out. You understand more when you have read the rules.

When you have finished playing, please give your vote to the game. 10 is the best score.

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To get all cards to the foundation, on suit in each foundation-row.


The first card you have in the first foundation row is also the first value of the card starting those other piles.
Everytime you can, you can put a card of right suit to the first foundation row. What order does not matter in this row.
in the other rows, you can not put a card in the foundation before the card with same value already is in the foundation row above !
Example: first row has 10 - 7 - 4 in hearts. Second row must then start with a 10, let say you find 10 of spade. Other spades you can put to the foundation is then the 7 of spade and 4 of spade. Which one you put first in does not matter.
Take one card at the time from the deck to the waste pile. There is unlimited redeals.
The topcards in the Fan, and the upper card in the waste pile is the cards you can put onto the foundation. There is no building in the tableau.

About this version:

  • Can be played on a computer
  • You score points
  • Highscorelist
  • Clock count upwards
  • Fullscreen Mode available