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Klondike 1926 9.97

Reversed Klondike setup in the table, and spider rules when you draw card from the stock. Fun, but challenging solitaire!

Fairway Solitaire

Golf 5340 9.92

The Golf Solitaire made as a real Golf Round. Get a Par or better as your final score to lock up more Golf Courses. So - you dont have to get rid of all cards in the tableau to continue playing.

Display Solitaire

Miscellaneous 2612 9.91

A challenging, fun and strategic solitaire! Get all cards out in the tableau with rows build in sequences. You can add cards to the right or below cards already in the tableau by certain rules. First deal gives you 3 waste piles, the last one only 1. You gotta try this one!

Windows Freecell Solitaire

Freecell 5906 9.90

This is a version very like the Window Freecell version we know from the computers. You can choose what setup-number you want to play. Why dont start with number 1 and then og up to the last ?

Moving Left

Klondike 4514 9.90

(PC & Tablet) A modern version of an old solitaire called Triangle, played as early as 1905. When a column gets empty, you must fill it with cards from the column to the right of it.

Scorpion Solitaire

Scorpion 12108 9.86

Gather sequence of cards in same suit from K down to Ace. Move groups of cards regardless of any sequence. Solitaire where strategy is important.

Solitaire 2

Klondike 6977 9.85

The nicest version of Klondike - with great effects when you put cards to the foundations. Draw 3 and 3 cards.


Scorpion 3984 9.82

(PC & Tablet) A tough challenge this yukon solitaire, even if you can build both up and down in the tableau.

Double Scorpion

Scorpion 1350 9.80

This version has all cards already out in the tableau. Build 8 sequences down from King to Ace by suit. Easier than with only one deck of cards