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Miscellaneous 4679 9.86

A challenging, fun and strategic solitaire! Get all cards out in the tableau with rows build in sequences. You can add cards to the right or below cards already in the tableau by certain rules. First deal gives you 3 waste piles, the last one only 1. You gotta try this one!

Black Hole II

Fan 3733 8.00

The Black Hole Solitaire with 15 levels!. You start with 2 freecells, clearly an advantage. This version also is for Mobil and Tablet users.


Forty thieves 4046 9.67

Build 8 foundation piles up from Ace to King. You can only move on single cards in the tableau, but to compensate you can build down by value regardless of suit.

Kings End

Miscellaneous 3820 9.67

In this version of Gaps Solitaire, the deuces and Kings starts on their places. You can also move a card to the available holes if it is one higher for the left-card, or one lower than the right-card.

Dieppe Tablet

Forty thieves 3494 9.00

A fairly easy version of forty thieves, where you build down in value regardless of suit in the tableau. In this version, the foundation is also filled up while dealing. This version is playable on Mobile and Tablet.


Scorpion 4327 9.66

A Scorpions sting is brutal, while the wasp: not so much. This goes also for the Solitaire, in this version you may fill an empty column with any card.