Kings End

In this version of Gaps Solitaire, the deuces and Kings starts on their places. You can also move a card to the available holes if it is one higher for the left-card, or one lower than the right-card.

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Your mission is to sort each color from deuces up to King in each row, by suit.


You start with all the deuces already in their places. All the Kings starts on the end of each row.

The gaps in the rows are where the aces were, they is now removes. It is these holes you can build in.

In each gap you may move a card that is a) un up in value and same suit as the card to the left for the gap, or
b) The card one down in value and same suit as the card to the right for the gap.

When you are stuck, you can shuffle the cards that isnt on their correct places. You may shuffle three times.

About this version:

  • HTML5 Game
  • Clock count upwards, battle your best time.
  • "Undo"-opportunity