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Black Hole II

8.00 3733

The Black Hole Solitaire with 15 levels!. You start with 2 freecells, clearly an advantage. This version also is for Mobil and Tablet users.

Cromwell Solitaire

8.00 3133

Here is a solitaire with 26 Fans/columns. You can not rebuild an empty fan, but you can ask for "Merci" once.

Flower Solitaire

8.00 4145

This Fan Solitaire lets you build on the fans, and move on sequenses.

Crecent II

9.00 4336

Crecent Solitaire, but in this version you are allowed to fill up an empty fan

Winter Solitaire

9.00 5154

13 Fans where you can build with both a single card an a sequence.


3.33 4446

Also known as Belvedere. What makes this solitaire special, is that you have 3 waste piles, and when one columns become empty, you can not refill it. Also: the foundation is built up in value only, not considering suits.